Sumps and why are they the greatest thing ever for reef aquariums

A sump is basically a secondary tank that your main display tank drains down into. They allow for a number of advantages for reef aquariums and I would personally never set up a system without one. Why do I love these things so much? First off, a sump is a great place to relocate all of your equipment. In systems that are just a stand-alone tank, the more technology that is added can start to clutter things up. The second big benefit to a sump is the surface skimming that an overflow provides. A big problem with tanks without an overflow is that scum tends to collect on the top surface. When the water in a main display drains down into a sump, the surface is cleared up nicely. The third advantage to having a sump is it provides additional water volume. Water volume is nice because it makes the overall system more consistent in terms of temperature and water chemistry because changes happen more slowly in larger volumes of water. The fourth advantage is flexibility. You can set up a sump in many different ways. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like. There are plenty of people that use a regular glass aquarium as a sump but in this video we take a look at a high end sump that has specialized sections. Hopefully this video gave you some ideas for your own setup. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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