Cooking for Dogs – A Natural, Healthy Meal

Is your dog anxious, restless, fearful? Maybe ungrounded? Their food can make a major difference!

By gaining an understanding of your dog’s “Dosha” (mind-body type), therefore the internal environment of your dog, you can help relieve him/her of their imbalanced condition. In a balanced state, your dog can naturally enjoy lifelong vitality.

In this video, you’ll learn to prepare a Vata balancing meal for your dog by Amanda Ringnalda, the founder of Sama Dog. A recipe and ingredient list is provided within the video.

What’s Ayurveda all about?
Ayurveda, or “the science of life”, provides timeless principles to support mind-body balance in an integrated and holistic way. When we understand our dog’s unique mind-body composition, called their Dosha, we can make changes to food and lifestyle which helps them naturally heal physical challenges and emotional imbalances.

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