The Benefits of Keeping Hermit Crabs in Your Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium in your home for you to enjoy can be hugely rewarding for you, and you may find that you enjoy the process of buying everything from your lily pipe to your CO2 aquarium kit as you make sure that everything is sorted and as it should be. However, once everything is set up, you will then need to take some time to consider which animals you actually want to place in your aquarium, and one of the options open to you is to feature hermit crabs. The benefits of keeping hermit crabs in your aquarium are described below as well as a little information about the little critters.

They Can Keep Your Tank Clean

If you have a saltwater tank, then hermit crabs are great additions. There are many benefits of keeping hermit crabs in your aquarium. Firstly they will basically pick up anything that is on the bottom of the tank and eat it, which should mean that you don’t have to worry about cleaning it anywhere near as often as you would have done before. If there is any fish food that hasn’t been eaten, for example, this will be taken care of, and this can help it from simply sinking to the bottom and becoming just another thing that you need to clean up.

Keep Your Tank Aerated

Because hermit crabs spend so much of their time digging around in their tank, it can help to keep plenty of air in your substrate. This is great, because there is lots of beneficial bacteria in your tank which could be helped by this, and therefore your entire tank environment will be much improved.

Provides its Own Shelter

If you add more animals to your tank, you always need to make sure that there is plenty of space for them to shelter when they need to sleep, or even when they just need some time to themselves. A hermit crab is great in this respect, as it carries its shelter with it, meaning that you don’t need to spend any more time thinking about providing this – which is of course great news indeed.

Types of Hermit Crab to Consider

There are many different breeds of hermit crab, so you might find that you get a little confused when choosing. However, there are three types which are good to choose, and these are the electric blue, the dwarf zebra, and the scarlet reef breeds. These are brilliant because not only are they only small species, but they also look great, and can therefore add a lot to your tank.

No matter which of the breeds you choose to introduce into your tank, it is certain that by adding hermit crabs you will really be able to make the most of your environment and turn your aquarium into something that you will be really proud of. You are sure to be glad that you took the time to add these into your aquarium, and everybody who comes to view your tank in the future is also certain to be just as impressed.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits of keeping hermit crabs in your aquarium. Are you going to go out and get some hermit crab for your tank now? Do you already have hermit crabs in your aquarium? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Guest post by Jolie.